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ShivriNarayan Temple

Shivrinarayan will surely come among the religiously important Chattisgarh Cities and Towns. Only sixty-five Kilometers from Bilaspur City,
Shivrinarayan Town has strong historical and mythological connections. It
falls within the Jangjir and Champa District of the state.

According to the census of 2001, the town of Shivrinarayan has a
population of more than eight thousand. Shivrinarayan in Chattisgarh has
quite a good sex ratio with forty eight percent females and fifty two percent
males. The literacy rate of Shivrinarayan is more than the national average.
With a male literacy rate of seventy three percent and female literacy rate pf
fifty three percent, the town has an average of sixty three percent literacy

There is mention of the town's name in the great Indian epic, Ramayana. It is
believed that while passing through the Shivrinarayan area, King Rama
savored the delicious 'Ber' - a type of berry. The ancient temples of the region
attract thousand of visitors and tourists every year. Two of the most frequented
temples in the area are the Chandrachudeswar Temple and the Narayan Temple.
Another exciting temple is the Shivrinarayan Temple, which is situated at
the meeting point of the sacred Mahanadi River and Shivnath River. This temple
has emerged as a great tourist destination for its religious value and scenic

The nearest airport from Shivrinarayan is the Raipur Airport. It is also well
connected with Bilaspur via frequent bus service and other road transports. The
Bilaspur Railway Station is the nearest one.

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