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Lafagarh -chhattisgarh

Lafagarh is situated around 70 kms away from Korba(Chhattisgarh).

Lafagarh Fort, located on the highest peak of Mekaal
Mountain,it is situated at a height of 3060 height on the
hill top.The fort lies on the Korba-Bilaspur road. It was
constructed by Raja Pratwidev First.

The fort has three main entrances which are named as Menaka,
Humkara, and Sinhadwar.A small temple, situated at the main
entrance of the fort, is noteworthy. Another point of
attraction is the big dome supported by five rows of pillars
with each row having five pillars. The main outer door of
the fort is called Jhandi or Dinda door. The second door is
popularly known as Manka Dawar whereas the third one is
called Hukhra Dawar.

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